Resolution of the C.E.F. Board from April 3, 2023


On April 3, 2023, in accordance with
the provisions of article 5.2 of the C.E.F. Statute. , C.E.F. Board approved the Certification of
the members of the European Forestry Academic Society (E.F.A.S.) who were nominated by
the representatives of the C.E.F. member organizations and, according to the Resolution of the
C.E.F. Board of March 24, 2023, by the C.E.F. representative. and by the E.F.A.S.
representative, nominees who proved their professional achievements, performance and
prestige through their CVs, according to the provisions of Article IV of the Rules of
Organization and Functioning of E.F.A.S. ( R.O.F. of E.F.A.S. ). E.F.A.S. Membership
Certificates will be signed, according to article V of R.O.F. of E.F.A.S. , by the President of
C.E.F. and the President of E.F.A.S. The list of E.F.A.S. members will be posted on the C.E.F.