CEF Board Resolution of October 3, 2021


In accordance with the provisions of article 5.2 of the C.E.F. Statute, the C.E.F. Board adopted the following Resolution on October 3, 2021:
  1. The following CE.F. Program is confirmed:
  • compliance with and implementation of the provisions of the articles of the C.E.F. Statute;
  • participation inactions and meetings organized in the Forest Europe process;
  • participation in actions and meetings organized with the representatives of the Institutions of the European Union;
  • participation in the actions organized by the members of the C.E.F. 
    • Antalya, Turkey - November, 2021
    • Romania - June, 2022
    • Romania - September, 2022
    • the list is open;
  • bringing new members to the C.E.F.;
  • strengthening the C.E.F., E.F.A.S. and A.G.F.E.E..
        2. The position of President of C.E.F.  is confirmed until September 16, 2022 of Marian Stoicescu in order to implement the C.E.F. Program.