9-12 September, 2019 visit in Romania of Dr. Enrico Brugnoli (Italy)


Between 9 and 12 September, 2019 Dr. Enrico Brugnoli, Italy, visited Bucharest at the invitation of Marian Stoicescu. During this visit Dr. Enrico Brugnoli  met Mr. Gheorghe Mihailescu, General Manager of Romsilva State Forest Administrator from Romania, Mr. Economic Director Rusu Vasile and Mr. Development Director Ureche Marius Nicolae from Romsilva. In the meetings with the representatives of Romsilva were experience exchanges about different aspects of forestry activity from  Romania and Italy. Also, Dr. Enrico Brugnoli met Mr. Gheorghe Gavrilescu, President of the Association Forest Engineers from Romania. The visit of Dr. Enrico Brugnoli in Romania was an opportunity for Enrico Brugnoli and Marian Stoicescu to discuss about the all aspects of C.E.F. activity. As you know, starting July 1, 2020 the C.E.F. President will be Dr. Enrico Brugnoli. For the success of Enrico Brugnoli's visit to Romania, Romsilva had an important contribution.  Mr. Marian Stoicescu, E.F.A.S. President, awarded Honor Diploma for Vice-President of European Forestry Academic Society to Dr. Enrico Brugnoli.