September 5, 2019 visit in Romania of Acad. Cicerone Rotaru (France)


On September 5, 2019 in Bucharest at Consilva headquarter, Mr. Marian Stoicescu, President of Consilva Confederation and Federation for Defending of the Forests from Romania met Acad. Cicerone Rotaru from France, Council of European Foresters Vice-President and European Forestry Academic Society Vice-President. At this meeting attended Acad. Cicerone Rotaru, Marian Stoicescu, Gheorghe Gavrilescu, President of the Association of Forest Engineers from Romania, and some colleagues from Consivla Confederation. During the meeting were analysed aspects of C.E.F. and E.F.A.S. activity.   Acad. Cicerone Rotaru proposed to C.E.F. an initiative to request at national and international forestry levels a new strategy for preventing and stopping forest fires in European countries. Mr. Marian Stoicescu, E.F.A.S. President, awarded Honor Diploma for Vice-President of European Forestry Academic Society to Acad. Cicerone Rotaru.