The C.E.F. Presidency Activity Report (C.E.F. President-Marian Stoicescu)


  1. It was the initiative for updating C.E.F. Statute. This initiative was based by the proposals of C.E.F. members and necessities to clarify some articles of C.E.F. Statute. These proposals were sent to C.E.F. Board members who adopted C.E.F. Statute updated on June 25, 2019.  The articles updated from C.E.F. Statute are:  
    5.3. The Board of the C.E.F. consists of: - the President of C.E.F. (elected by C.E.F. Board) who shall have one vote in the Council meeting, - the Vicepresidents of C.E.F. (each member organization will have a representative as a Vicepresident of C.E.F.) who shall, each, have one vote in the Council meeting, - the foresters who have joined the C.E.F. in their own name, each country of origin of the foresters having one vote in the Council meeting , - three Honor C.E.F. Presidents, elected by C.E.F. Board, who will have each one vote. 

    6.2. The Board of the C.E.F. will decide the order of countries for the C.E.F. Presidency. The C.E.F. Presidency for a country is one year. For a country to gain access for an other time as C.E.F. President it is necessary that all the other countries to have held this position or to have rejected it. After C.E.F. Board decided the order of countries for the C.E.F. Presidency, C.E.F. Board will elect the C.E.F. President for one year, according the list of countries decided. 

    6.4. The President has to inform periodically the C.E.F. members about the C.E.F. events and his activity for C.E.F. 

    6.5. The President must use a proper staff and logistic for a good running of the C.E.F. activity. It can be provided the continuity to the C.E.F. website, using the same holder, and the expenses shall be supported by the organization which holds the Presidency. All the costs related to the President’s activity, including participation at international meetings, shall be supported by him or his/her organization. 

    6.6. In the interests of the C.E.F. and for the continuity of the C.E.F. activity, the C.E.F. President is assisted in his work by Honor C.E.F. President, by former C.E.F. President and next C.E.F. President. Also, the C.E.F. President is supported in his activity by the President of the Advisory Group of Forest Experts from Europe (A.G.F.E.E.) and the President of European Forestry Academic Society (E.F.A.S.). In this regard, all the costs related to C.E.F. activity is supported by C.E.F. participants or their organizations. 

  2. It was the initiative for updating E.F.A.S. Rules of Organization and Functioning updated. The C.E.F. Board members adopted  E.F.A.S. Rules of Organizations and Functioning updated on June 25, 2019. The actual E.F.A.S. Rules of Organizations and Functioning create a bigger activity autonomy on E.F.A.S. functioning.
  3. It was initiated C.E.F. Board meetings on Skype on March 7, 2019. It was the first C.E.F. Board meeting on Skype. The participants to this Skype meeting considered the meeting a success. 
  4. During this C.E.F. Presidency were obtained two C.E.F. Board Resolution .The first C.E.F. Board Resolution on June 25, 2019 regarding C.E.F. Statute updated, E.F.A.S. Rules of Organizations and Functioning updated, the C.E.F. President for the period 01.07.2019-30.06.2020: Dr. eng. János Halmágyi (Hungary) and the C.E.F. website updated. The second C.E.F. Board Resolution on June 30, 2019 regarding the country which will have C.E.F. Presidency for the period 01.07.2020-30.06.2021: Italy and the C.E.F. President for the 01.07.2020-30.06.2021 Dr. eng. Enrico Brugnoli.
  5. It was correspondence with forestry organizations from Spain and Czech Republic,in order to  bring new members to C.E.F.
  6. It was updated the C.E.F. website. Also, in the C.E.F. website were created two new rubrics: "History of the C.E.F. Board" and "Institutions of C.E.F.".   A mention: According C.E.F. Statute, C.E.F. website has to be sustain by the C.E.F. Presidency.