During the period 11 - 12 May 2016 a CEF delegation composed by Marian Stoicescu, Ali Kucukaydin, Mevlut Duzgun and Silviu Geană attended the Forest Europe Expert Level Meeting from Bratislava. At this meeting was analyzed the Draft Forest Europe Work Programme - Pan European Follow-Up of the 7th FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference and the Extraordinary Ministerial Conference, Madrid October 2015.


According to its description from the Draft Forest Europe Work Programme, Forest Europe is Europe’s key political process that develops common strategies for its 47 signatories (46 European countries and the European Union) on the protection and sustainable management of forests in the European region. It takes decisions on common aspects of the highest political relevance regarding forests, forestry and forest related issues in order to maximize the contribution of European forests to ecological, social and economic well-being of the region. 

As you know, CEF has observer status in the Forest Europe process and thus is invited to all the meetings in this process.

At the meeting from Bratislava, the CEF delegation presented two CEF documents: on 11 May 2016 the participants of the Expert Level Meeting were informed about the Foresters’ Declaration, document which was adopted by CEF in August 2011 and which was sent to European and global institutions whose activities relates to forestry. On 12 May 2016, the CEF delegation presented to the participants of the Expert Level Meeting a proposal to supplement the Forest Europe Action Program with the International Manifestations of the Foresters  from Baile Felix, Romania, 7 to 10 September 2016, which includes: international symposium on "Forest Management in different European countries", international exhibition of graphics and book on forestry issues, an open meeting of the CEF's Board and the international sports competition "Consilva Cup."

CEF proposal for supplementing the Forest Europe Action Program was approved.