CEF participation in FOREST EUROPE process


As a result of obtaining by CEF the status of observer organization in the FOREST EUROPE process and in accordance with the Decision of the CEF Board of 4 September 2015, a CEF delegation composed by Barbara Koch - President of CEF and Marian Stoicescu - Vice president of CEF participated in 20 and 21 October 2015 at the 7th Ministerial Conference FOREST EUROPE and at the Extraordinary Conference FOREST EUROPE in Madrid.

 At these Ministerial Conferences of FOREST EUROPE participated ministers and representatives of the forestry sector from 39 European countries and also representatives of the international organizations with observer status for FOREST EUROPE process.

As part of the Socio-Economic Group, during the Ministerial Conferences CEF was delegated by the other member organizations of the Socio-Economic Group to present the Statements of this group.

Thus, on 20 October 2015, during the 7th Ministerial Conference, Marian Stoicescu presented a Statement of the Socio-Economic Group and also a CEF Statement related to this event.

On 21 October 2015, during the Extraordinary Ministerial Conference, Barbara Koch, the President of CEF, presented a Statement on behalf of the Socio-Economic group.

Participation and documents presented by CEF to these European events represents a real recognition of CEF at the European forestry sector level.

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